Here at Cahernane House Hotel, we are devoted to our endeavours to protect and sustain the environment for future generations to come. We understand the impact of our operations as a hotel on the environment and are committed to minimising any destructive effects that may occur. We can contribute to a cleaner and safer environment by working together to ensure that environmental policies are adhered to. 

Through the responsible use of energy, water and materials, we strive to conserve natural resources. We work with our suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the amount of waste generated.

EV Charge Points

With the increase in the purchasing of electric vehicles, Cahernane is delighted to provide guests with access to two TESLA and one universal Electric Vehicle charging points. By 2030 the consumer won’t be able to buy anything new except an electric vehicle so we want to be progressive in implementing these facilities and changes onsite. Most importantly, EV’s help to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions.