Killarney National Park is the largest national park in Ireland. It contains spectacular mountains, woodlands and lakes. The combination of mountains, and valleys, lakes and islands, rivers, waterfalls, bogs and woodlands forges a distinctive and beautiful landscape.

There are also numerous historical buildings within the Killarney National Park: a 7th century monastery on Innisfallen Island; a Norman castle on Ross Island; Muckross Abbey; a 15th century monastery; and a large Victorian Mansion called Muckross House with exquisite gardens.

Muckross House

The history of Muckross House and Cahernane House are intertwined. When the two Herbert brothers whose ancestors had fought on the Yorkist side during the war of the roses came to Killarney in 1656 one brother was given the great Muckross Estate and the other the smaller property of Currens and Cahernane.